Tanker Earthing System

Tanker Static Grounding Device- Tank Trucks, Rail Cars, Air Craft Refuell

Oil Storage Tank Earthing

Introduction to Safety for Terminal Automation:

The process of filling inflammable liquids for transportation or storage, safety standards and procedures must ensure that the static voltage which occurs during this process, should not lead to an explosion. To handle this static voltage, the vehicle or the container should be properly earthed. This is important so thatthe static voltage does not build up to a dangerous flash point . The Earthing method should be proper and perfect, otherwise dangerous losses can take place.

The ERU - EARTHING RELAY UNIT gives complete reliability and assurance of a true and correct grounding for maximum safety in all loading operations for variety of loading applications for use with tank trucks, rail cars, air craft refuellers. The core unit has been successfully used by over 5000 of Industrial users for over 15 years. The ATEX Approved WE77/Ex-ERU which is the core of the Earth Relay Unit are certified from the BUREAU VARITASin Germany / ISSeP in Belgium / PTB in Germany . Housed in IECEx / ATEX Approved enclosure for II 2G Ex d II C T6 Gb.Principal users in Chemical plants and other hazardous areas are HPCL, IOCL, BPCL, RELIANCE ( marketing terminals ) and other explosive areas like GAIL, IPCL, ONGC, NFC, and paint units to avoid static change. The unit is manufactured according to European standards The Trip Amplifier is intrinsically safe and is galvanically isolated from both input and output control circuits.The ATEX Directive in Europe prescribes a Quality AUDIT of the factory producing the ATEX certified units. Which means that an inspector from the foreign NOTIFIED BODY inspects the OSNA factory regularly without notice to ensure that the Quality assurance is conforming to the ATEX Directive EN 60079-0, EN 60079-1. The Truck is earthed through a crocodile clamp and theearth Loop is monitored through the ERU. The terminal filling staff have often by passed the crocodile clamping of the truck by simply clamping to a metal structure in place of the body of the truck, this may cause fire and other damage as the static potential of thetruck escalated above the safety values. To avoid the above the crocodile clamp has largely been replaced by special male studs, which are mounted or welded to the truck body and are inserted into female sockets which are an integral part of the terminal earth bus.
Features• Earth monitor detector in the Earth Loop.• Single and Dual Output approved for• Wide range of Earthing clamps.• Intrinsically / Ex proof.• Relay Output