Top Management

Mr. T.B.Gupta
M.Tech (Elec.) IIT Kgp
(Managing Director)
T.B. Gupta is an Electrical Engineer withover 50 years experience.
Mr. S.C. Agarwal
Responsible for contract negotiation, risk management, project management, financial management, employee management and marketing management.
Mr. S.P. Singh
Responsible for erection, testing, maintenance and commissioning of Lightning Protection Systems and Maintenance Free Earthing Systems.
Laxman Bisht
(Technical & Sales Manager)
Responsible for technical calculations for fault current in different electrical systems and its ground path up to earth mats. Efficiently handling the design and execution of earth mats of IT & SEZ projects, lightning current and its maintenance free grounding systems
Mr. Trilok Singh
25 years’ experience in technology based organizations like Agra Engineering Industries (Group of Jay Engineering), Agra, Usha International Ltd, and AV Valves Ltd, Agra.
Mukesh Gongel
(Manager Marketing)
Responsible for Marketing of Lightening Protection System Internal/External and Earthing products