Lightning Arrester


Active Lightning Rod Unit is operating based on The ESE LA (Early Streamer Emission) system during thunderstorm. The body of the Ligthning Rod Unit, the part that will convey the lightning, has been made from completely inox (stainless steel) material called “XL 304 Chrome”.

The Lightning Rod Units are the 1st and the pioneer Lightning Arrester that has been manufactured in Turkey by Chrome in the area.



Active Lightning Rod Unit is operating based on The ESE LA (Early Streamer Emission) system during thunderstorm. Clouds that electrical charge condensed, increase the atmospheric electrical load to the range of approximately 10 kV / m.  From this moment on, OLP 214“ESE Plus” Active Lightning Rod Unit, begins to store that energy, in its own ion generator.

This increasing energy stored at the ion generator’s own top layers creates a conductive path upwardly from the ion ends, between the lightning rod and the cloud.

So that the small discharges are formed when there is no lightning discharge yet.

When the electrical fields intensity increases, the stored energy will also increase in proportion then the high voltage generator starts working as well.

With the introduction of this generator, high voltage arcs occurred between the ion ends, transmits the lightning discharge firstly to the lightning rods capturing end and then with the copper on the plant to the ground which enable the system to be completed and thus provides life and property safety to the human beings in their living areas.



  • The Plus Active Lightning Rod Unit is the First to be tested and pass the conformity of the French NFC 17-102 Standarts (Appendix C), made by METU (Middle East Technical University) in Turkey on March 2005. This can be checked through official records.
  • The Impulse Voltage Generator is coated with the epoxy insulator, resistant to to 300 kV / cm.
  • The unit Body Part is produced from XL 304 material. Therefore it does not

Tarnish and rust and it is does not get affected from the acid rains.So it will also not happen any problem during the unit’s operation.

  • With its Compact and portable structure, it facilitates the transport and the assembly stages.
  • The protection area is always at maximum level.
  • Hologram System is Available.
  • The Plus “OLP 214”, Active Lightning Rod Units have been passed through the tests of CPRI (Central Power RThe ESE LAarch Institute)/India which is an accredited body by many worldwide cooperation.
  • They are subjected to Five separate Tests inlcuding product Surfaces During Production.
  • In certain Periods, our products operabilities have been tested and documented at test centers ( METU – March 2005, February 2011)

The has;  ISO 9001 / CE / Warranty Certificate / METU Test Report / CPRI Test Report at prThe ESE LAnt. Also the ??process for GOST Certificate has been initiated and it is expected to be finalized by September 2014.

As The, we always improve our selves and products quality by adding new features, products & certificates.

The ESE LA Active Lightning Rod Unit ( Olp 214 )
Details Specifications
Lenght 650 Mm
Width 220 Mm
Capture End Ø 22 Mm  ( Inox )  Stainless Steel
Connection Adapter Suitable For 2 ” ( Inch) Pole And
Made Of 5mm Chrome Nickel Plated Sheet
Weight 4.100 Gr.
Packaging Original Colored Printed Carton Box ( 670 X 127 X 125 )
Working Principle E.S.E. ( Early Streamer Emission )
Physical Structure Stainless Steel ( Inox )
Certificate Ce , Iso 9001 , Metu
(MIDDLE East Technical University / Turkey)
Cpri ( Cpri Central Power RThe ESE LAarch Institute ) India
Guarantee 35 Years Guarantee Certificate Issued
By Ministry Of Industry
Product Code Olp 214
T The ESE LA Warning
Time based on
(NCF 17-102 Standards)